10th KSC Steering Committee meeting in Kampala, 20th – 22nd August, 2018

The 10th meeting of the INTOSAI Knowledge Sharing Committee  (KSC) Steering Committee will take place from 20th -22nd August 2018. 

The objective of the meeting is to discuss the latest developments and achievements of the Working Groups/Project Groups under Goal-3 in accordance with their Work Plans and other issues of topical interest. The meeting will also provide an insight on various activities undertaken by Professional Standards Committee, Capacity Development committee, INTOSAI General Secretariat, INTOSAI Development Initiative and INTOSAI Journal and feature discussions on Strategic development plan of IFPP, INTOSAI Community Portal, engagement with Regions and other stakeholders. The meeting will also provide an opportunity to brief the members on the KSC-IDI SDG Programme, financial matters and reporting dashboards of the Working groups. The deliberations at the meeting will also form the basis of the Goal-3 report to be presented at the 71st meeting of the INTOSAI Governing Board to be held in Moscow. The Agenda of the meeting as well as presentations, will be forwarded uploaded to the WGEI website during the course of the meeting.

The meeting venue will be at the Office of the Auditor General of Uganda (Audit House).