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WGEI Newsletter Issue No. 1 – August 2015

The content of this newsletter

  • Welcome from WGEI Chair
  • WGEI website re-launch
Need to know
  • The Extractive Industries value chain: possible audit topics
  • What is transfer pricing, and why should SAIs care about it?
  • SAIs and the audit of Extractive Industries
Trainings and events
  • The 2nd WGEI meeting to be held in Oslo 21-23 September
  • Seven African SAIs gather...
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What is Transfer Pricing? and why should SAIs care about it?

An estimated 60 % of world trade is transactions between branches and subsidiaries of multinational enterprises (MNE). The way prices are set for these transactions (transfer prices) can greatly influence the overall taxes paid by the enterprise, as costs are shifted to high tax jurisdictions, and profits move to jurisdiction with less or...

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