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The Ugandan experience in the audit of petroleum activities.

(SAI Uganda)  Uganda is endowed with a variety of natural resources that include copper, cobalt, gold, tin, and most recently petroleum. This article will concentrate on audit of petroleum activities conducted by the international oil companies (IOCs). Ever since the first commercial discovery in 2006, exploration work in Uganda has increased to the point of…
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Fiscal Regimes in the Petroleum Sector

Countries that are blessed with petroleum resources must try to manage their wealth in the best way possible. Doing so often means allowing international oil companies (IOCs) to explore, develop and operate oil fields, because they have the technical know-how to extract the resource more efficiently and effectively than the government can do on its…
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WGEI Newsletter Issue No. 4 – February 2016

The content of this newsletter Introduction About this issue Announcement on changes within the CoP/WGEI secretariat Need to know Fiscal Regimes in the Petroleum Sector (By Trygve Christiansen, OAG Norway) Two “useful links”: WB contract monitoring roadmap and OECD transfer-pricing library Trainings and events Extractive industries audit strategy: WGEI involvement in the Zambia Workshop Members in…
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