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Can Developing Countries Notice Unnoticed Opportunities in Extractive Industry?

By Deo Kirama - National Audit Office Tanzania It is a common phenomenon that people gets excited when they are exposed to good news of opportunities. Their excitement is not for nothing but built on expectations of gains that are likely to accrue from the opportunities discovered and anticipation of positive changes in life. From social...
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New CCAF Guidance on Auditing the Oil and Gas Sector

CCAF is a Canadian not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting and strengthening public sector performance audit, oversight and accountability in Canada and abroad. In 2013, we initiated a program to develop new performance audit methodology tools in the form of a series of Practice Guides. In October 2016, we released our fourth publication in this series:...
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Assessment and collection of revenue from the extractive industry in Uganda

There are a number of payments that are made in the extractive industry. These include bonuses, fines, penalties, taxes and royalties. These vary from simple payments made as a one off at a certain point or occasion to those requiring formulas and calculations. One of the most important stages of revenue collection in the extractives...
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