2nd International Training Programme (ITP) on Audit of Extractive Industries

Day 1Session-I&IIIntroduction to Key Components of Monitoring and Evaluation in EIs
Evaluation policies, regulations at each stage in the value chain
Namibia Report
Benefit Sharing in the Mining Sector in Africa
Mr. Sujit Kumar Singh
 Session-I&IIMr. Sujit Kumar Singh
Day 2Session-IReview of the role of regulators in Extractives Industry and available legislationMr. Frank Byaruhanga, SAI Uganda
 Session-IIMonitoring and Evaluation Mechanism and Tracking Methodologies in EI Sector-Coal MiningMr. V.K. Pandey, CMPDI, India
Day 3Session-IMinutes of Virtual MeetingMs. Cecilia Tri Wuryantinigsih, SAI Indonesia
 Session-IIMinutes of Virtual MeetingMs. Cecilia Tri Wuryantinigsih, SAI Indonesia
Day 4Session-IDownstream Petroleum and solid minerals audits: Monitoring of Supply outlets, Central Processing facility (CPF) and at RefineryMr. Guilherme Pereira Souto, SAI Brazil
 Session-IIDownstream Petroleum Audits: Monitoring to the Sales Point for Onshore and Offshore in the United States
Downstream Petroleum and Solid Minerals Audit (Monitoring Up To Selling Points)
Downstream Minerals Audit Monitoring of Solid Minerals Up to Selling Point Case Study -SAI Zambia
Mr. Glenn Fischer, SAI USA
Mr. Madhusoodanan Nair, SAI India
Ms. Grace Chanda, SAI Zambia
Day 5  Session-IAudit Considerations and Risk Assessment Under Monitoring And Evaluation in Extractive IndustryMr. Amanya Allan Kabisyaki, Uganda
 Session-IIAudit Procedures to Mitigate the Identified Risks in Monitoring and Evaluation in EIsMr. Charles Chiwele, SAI Zambia