2nd meeting summary of the day

Summary from Monday 21st September

The first day of the WGEI meeting started with remarks by the Auditor General of Norway followed by remarks by the Auditor General of Uganda. Both speakers emphasized the importance of information and knowledge sharing between different Supreme Audit Institution to improve their abilities to fulfill the important task of ensuring a transparent and accountable EI sector.

The main program of this first day consisted of different global updates related to audit of the extractive industry sector. OECDs representative gave a presentation on how an increasingly globalized business environment challenges the present tax regimes and encouraged the participants to reflect on how they are solving problems linked to information asymmetry. Publish what you Pay gave an overview of what SAIs should understand regarding illicit capital flows and what role the SAIs could play. Representatives from the regional INTOSAI groups OLACEF and AFROSAI-E gave the participants a look into their experiences with international collaborative audits teams in South America and Africa. For the last session of the day, the SAIs of Netherlands and South Africa dealt with the issue of risk and selection of audit topics.

For more details please have a look at the uploaded presentations.

Summary from Tuesday 22nd September

The second day of the WGEI meeting started out with a presentation from the Oil for Development program of NORAD, a program aimed to do reduce poverty through responsible management of petroleum resources. The presentation included objectives, challenges and the link to Supreme Audit Institution. The following intervention from SAI Norway elaborated on the EI sector value chain from a government point of view, describing possible risks and examples of audits already undertaken in each step of the chain. The important theme of local content was discussed during a panel debate between representatives from the Norwegian government, SAI Uganda, Norwegian People’s Aid as well as the industry sector organization INTSOK. The discussions revealed interesting differences of opinions and ways to approach this material. Following the panel discussion, the Head of the WGEI secretariat and the Coordinator of the Community of Practice (CoP) presented the status and way forward regarding the CoP and encouraged the participants to actively share audit experiences. The day ended by a group-work on the planning and priorities for 2015-2016 where the result will be compiled and shared with the participants.

For more details, please have a look at the presentations.