4th WGEI Members Meeting Presentations

Presentations from Monday 27th May


Keynote Address By Mr. Sydney Asubo, Executive Director Financial Intelligence Authority of Uganda 

Activity 1: Report  on progress of WGEI Administration By Maxwell Poul Ogentho, Director and Head INTOSAI WGEI secretariat

Activity 2: Report on Progress: Promoting Information Sharing in Extractive Industries

Activity 3: Report on Progress: Organise and facilitate trainings and workshops based on SAI needs By Mr. Anthony Kimuli, Assistatnt Director of Audit – SAI Uganda

SAI Ghana Training Workshops in the Extractive Sector

Presentations from Tuesday 28th May


Activity 4: Report on Progress on Identification of EI related audit materials and undertaking research in Extractive Industries By SAIs USA and Ecuador

Activity 5: Report on Progress: Knowledge and Experience Sharing

Activity 6: Report on Progress: Mapping and Networking with Key External Stakeholders

SAI Eygpt Presentation on IFFs

Status of Regional Initiatives in Extractive Industries

Presentation – Lessons learned on building EI Audit function & capacity – SAI Norway

Presentation – INTOSAI KSC Community Portal – SAI India

Presentations from Wednesday 29th May


Presentation and Summary of Draft Workplan (2020 – 2022) by WGEI Secretariat – SAI Uganda