4th WGEI Members Meeting Presentations

Presentations from Monday 27th May


Keynote Address By Mr. Sydney Asubo, Executive Director Financial Intelligence Authority of Uganda 


Report  on progress of WGEI Administration By Maxwell Poul Ogentho, Director and Head INTOSAI WGEI secretariat


Report on Progress: Promoting Information Sharing in Extractive Industries 

Panel Discussion on Beneficial Ownership


  • Mr. Edmond Shoko – AFROSAI-E


  • Mr. Lewis Hawke – The World Bank
  • Ms. Ma. Teresa S. Habitan – Department of Finance, EITI Philippines
  • Mr. Abdulrahman Saoud Alaba – SAI Qatar
  • Engr. Edgar C. Madera – Mines and Geosciences Bureau of the Philippines

Activity 3

Report on Progress: Organise and facilitate trainings and workshops based on SAI needs By Mr. Anthony Kimuli, Assistatnt Director of Audit – SAI Uganda

SAI Ghana Training Workshops in the Extractive Sector

Presentations from Tuesday 28th May

Activity 4

Report on Progress on Identification of EI related audit materials and undertaking research in Extractive Industries By SAIs USA and Ecuador

Activity 5:

Report on Progress: Knowledge and Experience Sharing

  • General Presentation – Mr. Sybrand Struwig, SAI South Africa
  • Conducting SDG relevant audits of Extractive Industries By IDI

Activity 6

Report on Progress: Mapping and Networking with Key External Stakeholders

SAI Eygpt Presentation on IFFs

Panel Discussion – How SAIs can work with External Stakeholders to combat Illicit Financial Flows


  • Mr. Trygve Christiansen – SAI Norway


  • Dr. Cielo Magno – Bantay Kita Philippines (Publish What You Pay)
  • Mr. Alexander Malden – Natural Resources Governance Institute
  • Mr. Hany Hafez Mohammed Gad El Gamal – SAI Egypt.
  • Ms. Carmelita O. Antasuda – SAI Philippines
  • Ms. Marites A. Odtojan – SAI Philippines

Status of Regional Initiatives in Extractive Industries

Presentation – Lessons learned on building EI Audit function & capacity – SAI Norway

Presentation – INTOSAI KSC Community Portal – SAI India

Presentations from Wednesday 29th May

Discussion of Activity Plan (2020 – 2022)

Presentation of Draft Workplan by WGEI Secretariat – SAI Uganda