WGEI members meeting 2019

The Steering Committee of WGEI resolved that all members’ meetings should be held very three years. The last meeting of all members was held in Mombasa, Kenya in 2016; subsequently the next meeting is due in 2019. The Commission on Audit of the Republic of Philippines graciously offered to host the next all members’ meeting from 27th...
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WGEI Newsletter Issue No. 13 – December 2018

The content of this newsletter

  • About this issue
Need to know
  • Underground assets and illicit financial practices brought under the spotlight in Pretoria
  • A holistic approach to audit of extractive industries
Trainings and Events
  • 10th Meeting of the KSC Steering Committee
  • WGEI Steering Committee (SC) Working Meeting, September 2018


About this...
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A holistic approach to audit of extractive industries

The discovery of mineral resources usually promises to bring prosperity in form of higher tax revenue, increased employment, improved infrastructure and trade, greater growth and wealth creation for all. However many resource-rich countries have not lived up to their development potential due to the “resource curse” of the negative effect of natural resources on the...
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