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Real Time Cost Monitoring and Audit Under The Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) In Uganda’s Petroleum Sector

A number of fiscal regimes are applied in the Petroleum industry by different countries. It is difficult to evaluate one system over another as countries have specific conditions within them that favor one over another. Uganda as a country employs Production Sharing Agreements. Under these agreements, a company is licensed to undertake all risks involved...
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How Bankable is Uganda’s Energy and Extractives Sector?

A 2015 report on Ease of Doing business by the World Bank ranked Uganda 150 out of 189 countries. Uganda ranks below its East African community neighbours except Burundi, and according to the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA), Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in 2013 was valued at USD 1.19 Billion mainly from India and China. The...
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Norwegian Audit Office conducts training in fiscal regimes

At the end of May, a group of colleagues at the Office of the Auditor General of Norway gathered for a 2-day workshop in fiscal regimes. The course drew on experience from Norway as well as Sierra Leone, Uganda, Zambia and Myanmar, and covered different models for calculating revenue from the extractives sector. Through interactive...
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