Working Group on the Audit of Extractive Industries.

International Training Programme on Audit of Extractive Industries

  Session Topic Facilitator(s)
Day 1 Session-I Introduction of the Extractive Industries (EI) Ms. Juliet Stella Mutesi – SAI Uganda
  Session-II Value Chain: Industry and Government Perspective for Petroleum and Mining sector Ms. Sheilla Ngira, SAI Uganda
Day 2 Session-I Key Players and External Stakeholders in the Extractive Industries Ms. Sheilla Ngira, SAI Uganda
  Session-II The role of SAIs in Extractive Industries Ms. Juliet Stella Mutesi, SAI Uganda
Day 3 Session-I Sustainable Development and Sustainability Initiatives in Extractive Industries with reference to SDGs Mr. Anthony Kimuli, SAI Uganda
  Session-II Environmental and Social Issues in Extractive Industries Mr. Madhusoodanan K Nair, SAI India
Day 4 Session-I Management of Environmental and Social Impacts of Extractive Industries Dr. Devashis Bose, DDR College, Assam, India
  Session-II Audit of Environment Clearance and Environment Management in Extractive Industries Mr. R.T.Venkatasamy, SAI India
Day 5   Session-I EITI, Emissions Reporting, Sustainability Reporting and Environment Mr Deb Ranjan Benerjee, Oil India Limited, India
  Session-II Choosing and Designing Audit of Extractive Industries from Environmental / Sustainability perspectives Ms. M Ray Bhattacharyya, SAI India