Steering Committee Meeting 2020

Steering Committee Meeting of the

INTOSAI Working Group on Audit of Extractive Industries

17 September 2020│Virtual Meeting

Meeting Minutes
10:00-10:15Opening remarks by Chair
10:15-10:35Presentation – Experience of Chairing a Working Group: Lessons for the COVID 19 era.
By SAI Indonesia
10:35-10:55Activity 1: WGEI Administration – Report
By Secretariat
10:55-11:35Activity 2: Information sharing in Extractive Industries – Report
Presentation By SAI Iraq,
Presentation By SAI Fiji,
Presentation By SAI US,
Presentation By SAI SAI Ecuador 
11:35-12:05Activity 3: Training – Report
By SAIs Uganda, India, Ghana
13:05-13:45Presentation: Effect of COVID 19 on EI: the way forward for auditors
Presentation By Andrew Bauer - Guest Speaker
Presentation By AFROSAI-E
13:45-14:15Activity 4: Experience sharing among SAIs
By SAIs South Africa, Zambia, Fiji
14:15-14:45Activity 5: Networking with Key external stakeholders
By SAI Norway
15:05-15:20Closing remarks by Chair