WGEI members meeting 2019

The Steering Committee of WGEI resolved that all members’ meetings should be held very three years. The last meeting of all members was held in Mombasa, Kenya in 2016; subsequently the next meeting is due in 2019.

The Commission on Audit of the Republic of Philippines graciously offered to host the next all members’ meeting from 27th to 29th May, 2019 in Manilla, Philippines.

For any inquiries and additional information regarding the meeting please contact the WGEI Secretariat at: wgei[at]oag.go.ug; Maxwell Poul Ogentho at maxwell.ogentho[at]oag.go.ug; and Sheilla Ngira at sngira[at]oag.go.ug.

On a later date, a special invitation for administrative purposes will be provided by the Chairman of the Commission on Audit of the Republic of Philippines.

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