WGEI Secretariat visits OAGN and external stakeholders in Oslo

The WGEI Secretariat, consisting of Mr. Maxwell Ogentho, Ms. Sheilla Ngira and Mr. Emmanuel Angole, held meetings in Oslo from March 25th to 29th with the Office of the Auditor General of Norway (OAGN) and external stakeholders such as the INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI), The Norwegian Oil for Development (OFD) and Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), to promote WGEI activities.

Meeting with OAG Norway

As a member of the WGEI Steering Committee, OAGN has close cooperation and is in regular correspondence with the Secretariat to keep track of WGEI activities and the implementation of the WGEI Activity Plan. The working meeting in March dealt predominantly with preparations for the WGEI Members meeting in May 2019, drafting a new Activity plan for 2020-2023, updating the website and planning future WGEI activities.

From left: Øivind Berg Larsen (Head of the International Division, OAGN), Emmanuel Angole (WGEI/OAGU), Sheilla Ngira (WGEI/OAGU), Jens Gunvaldsen (Secretary General, OAGN), and Maxwell Ogentho (WGEI/OAGU)
From left: Emmanuel Angole (IT-expert, WGEI/OAGU), John Green (IT-expert, OAGN), Anne Hald (IT-Expert, OAGN), Geir Ambro (Project coordinator Uganda, OAGN), Trygve Høgseth Christiansen (Project Coordinator and Head of the Petroleum program, OAGN), Sheilla Ngira (Community of Practice Coordinator, WGEI/OAGU), Stefanie Grace Fernandez (Short-term adviser Uganda, OAGN), Øivind Berg Larsen (Head of the International Division, OAGN) and Maxwell Ogentho (Director, WGEI/OAGU).

Meeting with IDI, OFD and EITI

Having the main responsibility for Activity 6 Networking with external stakeholders in the WGEI Activity Plan, Norway serves as the focal point between WGEI and key external stakeholders. During the visit this March, the Secretariat met with Karina Mera Warholm from IDI to discuss the development of an e-learning platform for the working group. One of the goals of WGEI is to develop an e-learning course on relevant topics within extractive industries, which can be made accessible to the WGEI members. In addition to IDI, the Secretariat held a meeting with the Norwegian Oil for Development Initiative (OFD) as well as EITI and presented highlights of WGEI’s main activities.

From left: Trygve Christiansen, Maxwell Ogentho, Karina Mera Warholm (IDI), Sheilla Ngira and Emmanuel Angole

By Stefanie Grace Fernandez (SAI Norway)

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