Extractive Industries (EI) Training from 11th – 15th September, 2017

Participants of the Kampala EI training 11th-15th September, 2017
Participants of the Kampala EI training 11th-15th September, 2017

The Office of the Auditor General of Uganda in collaboration with the INTOSAI working group on the audit of extractive industries (WGEI) community of practice and Afrosai-e organized an extractive industries training workshop that took place in Kampala Uganda from 11th -15th September 2017.

This training helped participants to share knowledge and experiences regarding the topical issues affecting the extractive industries and the trends prevailing currently. Various papers and presentations were discussed including among others; the overview and characteristics of the extractive industries, The Petroleum and minerals value chains and key players (Industry, government), petroleum and minerals’ Regulatory frameworks, Identification of Key Risks in the extractive industries sector along the petroleum and solid mineral value chain, the fiscal regimes that are adopted in petroleum and minerals sectors and their major terms.

The participants also shared their country experiences for the Illicit Financial Flows (IFFs) in the extractive industries sector. The participants discussed various ways in which the supreme audit institutions (SAIs) could respond to this vice in their respective countries. The training tackled how we as SAIs could link our work in extractive industries to the attainment of sustainable development goals (SDGs). The participants concluded the training by sharing experiences about how the Strategic Planning for the extractive industries sector audits with our SAIs could help to enhance the quality of these audits such that the citizens get value for money from these resources.

The training drew participants from several countries within the INTOSAI regional groups including; Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Libya, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Vietnam and  Zambia.

By SSali Edward

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