Natural Resource Governance and Development: Policies and Practice

Natural Resource Governance and Development: Policies and Practice

Online phase: October 2020 – January 2021

Residential phase: 15th – 20th February 2021, NADEL-ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Applications close: 31 July 2020

Course structure and methodology

This advanced-level multi-stakeholder course is designed to equip a pool of exceptional individuals from government, civil society, media and others, with the knowledge and tools necessary to contribute towards better governance and oversight of natural resources for a better future.

The course will be structured along an online phase and a residential phase. The initial online phase will be introductory, allowing participants to start interacting with their peers, access videos and other material as well as engage in scheduled live sessions to refresh their knowledge and skills. The residential phase will dive deeper on the political economy of natural resource governance, focusing on getting a good deal and revenue management. The course includes interactive lectures, group discussions, and practical skill-building workshops or policy labs, as well as presentations by leading experts.

Who should apply?

This course is open to the following: civil society leaders, mid- to senior-level government officials, officials from state owned companies, members of parliament, parliamentary staffers and researchers, journalists, academics and doctoral students, professionals from development agencies and consultancies, representatives from extractive industry associations. Applicants are expected to be active in the resource governance sector. Further information on eligibility can be found in our course brochure. Women are particularly encouraged to apply.

Scholarships are available

Scholarships are available for eligible candidates from the following countries: Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Mexico, Myanmar, Tunisia and Uganda.  A restricted number of exceptions may be made from this list for outstanding applicants from other countries.

To Apply

Interested individuals should apply online on the NADEL-ETH website[]. Please note you will also need to submit the following: 1) A current résumé/CV; 2) A brief personal statement addressing the governance challenges associated with the extractive industries in the applicant’s country of origin/residence, and the applicant’s expectations about how the course will benefit them in addressing those challenges

Applications are due 31 July 2020 

For additional information please contact Margarita Batlle,

The course brochure can be found here [].

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