Who is Petropedia?

Petropedia aims to be the largest collection of insights and inspiration for Petroleum Industry professionals, decision-makers and anyone else who is proud to be called an “expert”. From defining complex Upstream, Midstream and Downstream industry jargon in our dictionary, to exploring the latest trends in our articles, or providing in-depth coverage of various topics in our tutorials. Our goal is to help our readers better understand the “Oil Biz”, the technologies involved and, we hope, make better decisions as a result.

Petropedia’s Audience

Petropedia is one of the most popular Oil & Gas websites on the Internet; as such, we measure the interests of our audience better than any other media platform in the market. As an Online publisher, Petropedia’s reach extends to a global audience of over 30,000 Energy professionals each month. Using modern Internet analytic tools, we have built a clear picture of our audience – both from a macro-level to track total users, and from a micro-level to measure the geographical data for each article and topic.

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By Noah Hammer, Petropedia

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