WGEI Steering Committee Meeting, Washington D.C., 2017

Presentations from 26th September 2017 

Day 1

Bureau of Land Management Energy, Minerals and Realty Management Directorate By Mr. Timothy Spisak, Acting Assistant Director; Energy, Minerals and Realty Management;  Bureau of Land Management; Department of the Interior

Illicit Financial Flows & The E.I. Sector By Edmond Bongomisa Shoko

Learning Center Overview By Gus Crosetto, Ed. D. Chief Learning Officer

Presentations from 27th September 2017

Day 2

Ensuring equitable mineral tax revenues is a critical step toward better development outcomes  By Boubacar Bocoum, World Bank

The 2017 Resource Governance Index  By Dana Wilkins, Natural Resource Governance Institute

Auditing Revenues from the Extraction of Natural Resources: New Guidance for Performance Auditors By Pierre Frechette, Canadian Audit & Accountability Foundation (CAAF)

Many Ways to Lose a Billion: Protecting Government EI Revenues  By Don Hubert, Resources for Development Consulting

AFROSAI-E’s activities and EI guidelines  By Esther Thomas, AFROSAI-E

The OAG Cost Recovery Manual  By SAI Uganda

Focus on impact of the SAIs work in the E.I.  By SAI South Africa

GAO’s Work on Conflict Minerals  By GAO, USA

Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining (ASM)  By Rachel Perks, PhD Senior Mining Specialist, World Bank, GAO Extractives

Presentations from 28th September 2017

Day 3

Proposed Framework for Government Auditing Guidline of Oil Companies under service contract  By Federal Board Of Supreme Audit

Monitoring & Analyzing Integrated Extractives Disclosures: The opportunity for joint accountability efforts  By Erica Westenberg, Natural Resource Governance Institute 

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative and the U.S. Implementation Journey  By Judy Wilson U.S. Department of the Interior Office of Natural Resources Revenue  

Proposed Framework for Government: Auditing Standards of Oil Companies  By Federal Board Of Supreme Audit Iraq