What is the Community of Practice (CoP)?

The Community of Practice (CoP) is an initiative from the WGEI where the aim is to facilitate knowledge sharing on audit of the extractive industries sector.

The general objective of the CoP is to strengthen SAIs’ role in fostering accountability and transparency in the Extractive Industries, in line with the overall objective of the WGEI. The CoP shall facilitate information sharing between SAIs, but also link it with the extractive industry community outside INTOSAI.

The CoP is international and open to all interested SAIs and SAI colleagues in all INTOSAI regions. It will also invite participation by other institutions and individuals working in and with the Extractive Industries.

Collection, compiling and sharing of information, resources and Tools

Resources, tools and information that could be useful for understanding or conducting audit on the extractive industries sector will be uploaded to the “tools and resources” section of the WGEI page. Among relevant documents could be audit reports from SAIs, audit guidelines, experiences, industry standards, research papers and reports from organizations working on governance of the extractive sector. Do not hesitate to let the CoP coordinator know if there are other categories of resources than the ones mentioned above that you would like to see on the WGEI page. All suggestions for new content in the “tools and resources” section of the website, or for the newsletter are welcome and can be directed to ingvald.heldal[at]oag.go.ug

The CoP will also use the WGEI newsletter to pass on recent developments relevant to audit of the extractive industries sector.

A contact point between SAIs and between SAIs and external actors

The CoP shall also function as a contact point between the different SAIs and between the SAIs and other relevant stakeholders.

Under the “Members” section you will find a profile (click on “read more”) of each WGEI member country. These profiles includes descriptions of past and ongoing audit activities on the extractive sector and could serve as an indicator on which country SAI has the knowledge you are seeking.

It is also possible to send an email to the coordinator sheilla.ngira[at]oag.go.ug with the information/experience you are seeking and the WGEI secretariat will try to match up with the appropriate resource, or contact the relevant SAI for more information.

At a longer term it is envisioned to have interactive information sharing, posting and social media functions tied to the CoP platform.